Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Jube went looking for a ring today. Neither of us has a wedding ring, and it doesn't bother me at all. Jube, on the other hand, loves not having a wedding ring. He's only looking for one because he has a job interview tomorrow and doesn't want this situation:

Interviewer: "So, why did you come to the US?"

Jube: "My fiancee and I decided to get married."

Interviewer's eyes look at Jube's ring finger--no ring! The interviewer gets suspicious: "Is that so! Married, eh? It doesn't look like you love her that much!

Conclusion: no ring, no job.

Of course, Jube doesn't want to spend very much money on a ring he will barely wear, so we headed to a few accessory shops, but nothing was quite right. There were some nearly-usable rings at Lambda Rising, but they all had interlocking male symbols on them.

It's a good thing we noticed, because that could have been a much more serious snafu...


helene said...

Ha Ha--good follow up to your "what a beach" posting.

Kim/Thomas said...

hahhaha, now that would have been a funny post:)

btw, what beach? okay i ask, cause we are going to head out to the ocean to camp, and right now we are looking at jersey shore, near cape may...but i have heard that virginia beaches are much you know of any nice camp grounds??

anyway..good luck with the job search and i laughed when you said jube took a pic of the corn...thomas always says...we don't really eat corn like's for the animals!

Lady Iphigenia said...

Before wearing my wedding ring, I never had anything on my fingers, hubby either. But then, one gets used to anything. Now I wouldn't take it off, I would feel bear without it!

Gem said...

As for the ring... Jube is still looking for one. He even thought about getting a cheap adjustable one from the Dollar Store but I told him NO WAY!

As for the beach, we went to the Community Beach in Norfolk. It is on the Chesapeake Bay so there are no big waves (reminds me of the Mediterranean). Growing up I went to the beach in North Carolina, Delaware, and Maryland, and I liked them all. I even spent some time on Chincoteague Island finding Misty!