Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sexy Texty Monday

A quick followup from Sunday's SMS exchange:

Gem to Jube (06/09/09, 4:52pm, just getting out of work and heading to her bus in the sweltering heat): omg fing hot!

Jube to Gem (06/09/09, 4:54pm): what is hot?

Gem to Jube (06/09/09, 4:56pm): the weather. what, u thought i saw federer?

Probably wisely, Jube only addressed the weather in his return text.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Texty Tennis Sunday

Jube is in Norfolk this weekend for a short visit, while I stayed back in Maryland. He wasn't able to watch Roland Garros, but I was!

Gem to Jube (06/07/2009, 10:29am): Federer winning 2 to 0. 6 to 1, 7 to 6. great tiebreak. a streaker* on the court scared fed. . . flashback to seles?

Jube to Gem (06/07/2009, 10:44am): Awesome.

Gem to Jube (06/07/2009, 10:45am): 3rd set now 3 jeux a 1 fed mene**

Gem to Jube (06/07/2009, 11:10am): Fed wins! crying on court. crowd screaming, kids dancing. 3rd set 6.4

Jube to Gem (06/07/2009, 11:11am): Champagne

Gem to Jube (06/07/2009, 11:41am): What a nice guy! he said he wasnt /happy/ that nadal lost #thats mean# but he was def relieved. agassi gave the coupe.

I love the French Open! I love Roger Federer! I love tennis! What a great morning!

*Update on the "streaker"

**3 games to 1: Federer leads