Monday, May 21, 2007

Lucky Day

Jube and I took advantage of the beautiful spring weather to walk to the organic grocery store near our house. We were having a spirited discussion when...


We both stopped short. I was gagging because I felt bird waste on my forehead between my eyes, and Jube was groaning because of the bird caca on his head.

"Look at me! Just look at my face!" I screamed.

"It must just have gone pee, I don't see anything," he told me, inspecting my face. "Check my hair."

It was clean. "You know," I said, "I don't think it was bird pee at all. I think that the birds must have been taking a bath in the gutter and splashed us with water."

"Yeah," Jube agreed, "water. Birds take baths."

We walked away, muttering, "water... water...? water!"

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