Saturday, May 19, 2007

Is That Legal?

I'm writing this post from Kilmer's house. We're making wine! Jube was worried that it was illegal, but we reassured him that it was fine. We added sugar to the grape juice, and he was shocked!

"We don't add sugar to the grapes in France! That's really illegal!" he said.

"What??" Kilmer made a face. "The French have no idea how to make wine, I guess. I mean, you stomp around on the grapes in your bare feet--nasty!"

"Ha, ha, ha. We actually make the best wine in the world!" sniffed Jube.

"Pffffft! Like I'm gonna believe that!"


helene said...

So do the French just use the natural sugar in the grapes for the fermenting process???
--I remember Gem's grandpa making his own home beer--disgusting yeasty mess!! Hope you have better luck with your wine.

Doc said...

Whot Whot WHOT?

That's insane.

PS Jube, one actually does get to add sugar to the wine when making champagne--and it's totally legal

Jube said...

Well, champagne SUCKS!