Wednesday, May 23, 2007

softly softly

Last Sunday, Jube and I went to the Norfolk Greek Festival. It basically consisted of overpriced Greek food, vendors selling "Greek" merchandise, and a Greek band playing loud music. At least the baklava was good... mmmmmmmmmm, just look at the honey oozing out!

We went with Kilmer, who was just waking up at 2pm (after our winemaking session of the night before). Our wine is fermenting, bubbling away in its gallon milk carton container. Every day when Jube goes into the kitchen he sniffs the air and says, "Wow! It really takes me back to the first summer I worked in a vinyard!"

I just think it smells kind of yucky, so at least one of us is getting something out of it.


BB said...

That's funny. I just made baklava the other day.

Gem said...

Oh BB, I miss your baklava and our cinnamon stick fights...