Tuesday, March 07, 2006


When I got back from work tonight, late late LATE, I had missed the news and the evening movie had already begun. I immediately fell on the computer and began reading e-mails and blogs because my life really did depend on it--I needed to relaaaaax (or "decompress," as we would say in French...). Jube was still grading papers (all the papers he didn't finish because he was working all weekend on the bacs blancs), and we sat for a bit in silence, with the movie playing in the background.

After awhile, Jube asked me, "Is it a good movie?"

I hadn't really noticed what was on TV, but I glanced up from the glowing computer. "Oh, that's called 2 Week's Notice." I also gave him my opinion of the movie and a summary, but sheesh, I won't tell you, because 2 Week's Notice doesn't really need any help from me...

Then Jube looked at me admiringly. "I'm so glad I have an American girlfriend. It's like having a film encyclopedia!"


Helene said...

We Americans LOVE discussing movies, their merits and minuses, originals vs. remakes, actors and actresses. So is Jube your food Encyclopedia???

Gem said...

Hmm... No, not really, although if I ever have a question about what kind of guitar they're playing in a movie he'll be sure to tell me without my even asking.

Robyn said...

did you give him a review of "The Abyss" yet? ;)

Anonymous said...

I like that movie.

Thhbt, Jube.