Saturday, March 04, 2006

Random Hobbies

One of Jube's favorite pastimes is to do everything he can to bug me and then enjoy my reaction. Sometimes I get really riled up, and sometimes I just laugh it off. (I guess that's the attraction--it's hard to predict what I'll do.) Anyway, this weekend he has been grading Bacs blancs, or practice copies of the national proficiency exam, le Baccalauréat. The practice copies are actual exams that have already been given in earlier years, and boy do I feel sorry for the kids who got this one! My post isn't about the Bac blanc, though, it's about Jube's practice of his annoying hobby while he's grading.

Jube's grading routine: While I'm at the computer, he monopolizes the rest of the apartment. He connects his mp3 player to the home cinema and listens to 20-minute-long progressive rock songs. He mutes the television and switches channels. Every five minutes or so he interrupts my surfing to ask me a grammar or vocabulary question. Then, just to break up the monotony a bit, he decides to get up to do something and lose his pen, his mp3 player, the copy of the test he was grading, or the remote control. Afterwards he asks me where I put the pen, the mp3 player, etc etc. How should I know where it is?


"Oh Gem, what did you do with the remote control now?" he'll ask, after I tell him I haven't touched it for about 3 hours. Of course that really gets me riled up! And then he'll come over and kiss me to make sure I know he's kidding. He just did that, and then couldn't find his pen, so we had another mini-argument about it--and then he remembered that he had it in his mouth last time we kissed-and-made-up... and there it was right in my lap!

Now I'll digress on the word "hobby" for you. As you may know, in French, the sound "h" does not exist. (That's why the word "hors d'oeuvres" is pronounced ordERVES.) Also, the stress always falls on the last syllable (see above example). So lots of French kids pronounce "hobbies" as though they were saying "obese." Be aware.


Jube said...

The prog rock band mentioned in this blog is Marillion. They are amazing, and Gem should be happy that I play it. Now, blog reader, if you don't know them, go buy their CDs now. You will thank me later.

Jay said...

Merci je prends note.

Gem, tu m'as appris quelque chose aujourd'hui. Figure toi que j'étais certaine qu'il existe des mots où l'on prononce le H en Français mais après avoir lu ton post j'ai cherché... et je n'en ai trouvé aucun.

On en apprendra tous les jours.

ps: si toutefois j'en trouve un où que j'en invente un je te tiendrai évidemment au courant :b

Jube said...

Pour Jay

Eh bien tu peux chercher longtemps...
Tu auras sans doute plus de success en cherchant les mots anglais pour lesquels la lettre "h" n'est pas prononcee.

Jay said...

Oui c'est vrai et puis ça m'aidera en même temps.
Mais ici en Alsace on met des H un peu au début de tous les mots, même quand ça commence par une autre lettre.