Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Life Isn't All Prefecture...

I forgot to mention what Jube and I saw on Friday after we finished our hours of line-waiting confrontations at the Prefecture. We drove back into town where we saw a huge line of teenagers outside of a museum on the Promenade des Anglais. We parked the car nearby and walked by, wondering what they were all waiting for (since we had just finished our own experience). We threw out some ideas:

"It's spring break time in the US. Maybe they're a group of high school students waiting to go into the Museum."

"Maybe there's a star who's giving a concert tonight and they want her autograph."

As we passed, we heard groups of young girls singing the latest pop hits--notably "Aimer jusqu'a l'impossible."

"I know what it is!" said Jube. "It's the auditions for Star Academy!"

Our idea was confirmed by a woman who told us that the kids had been waiting "since this morning."

I thought that the kids must be happier than I had been just a half an hour earlier at the Prefecture, but as we continued along the road, we saw a girl sobbing, tears rolling down her face. "He could have at least listened to me sing!" she cried, heartbroken.

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