Sunday, January 21, 2007

Something Psychological...

Once, while enjoying an apéritif with Belle-maman, Beau-papa opened up a cabinet to get some more beer glasses. He chose two or three and took them into the kitchen. Belle-maman called after him, “Close the cabinet door!” Grumbling, he came back in to close it. Belle-maman turned to me and said, “He never closes doors. Never! He would leave all of the drawers open and the cabinets, too, if I weren’t there to remind him. It must be something psychological chez lui.”

Beau-papa gave me his patented “long-suffering” look, but agreed. C’est vrai, I always leave the doors open. Who knows why?”

I had never noticed it before that day, but Jube is very similar in the kitchen. If he puts away the dishes, he leaves the cabinets open, and I have to close them behind him. Maybe it is psychological.

But I do notice that I leave my dresser drawers open, and Jube never nags me to close them—so if it is psychological, I guess there are things we can learn to live with.

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Lady Iphigenia said...

I agree with you. Sometimes we are too eager to "correct" the other for things that are not so important.