Friday, January 05, 2007

Dog Crazy

My family loves dogs. I love dogs too! Unfortunately Jube doesn't feel the same way about them that we do. Not only that, but he has had to sleep in the same house as 7 different dogs and 8 different cats throughout our vacation, from my mother's house (3 dogs) to my father's house (4 dogs) to Brooke's house (8 cats). If I'm very very lucky, maybe one day when we live in a place where we can have dogs, he will buy one for me.

I made this video of my mother's little bichon and she begged me to publish it. So I did! Poor Jube has been forced to watch this video about a thousand times, and he can't believe that it is now available for the entire world to enjoy. (I do hate my voice, though, especially in doggie-mode.)


Brooke said...

Everything has a purpose!

robert (french recipe historian) said...

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