Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Only yesterday I was thinking that I hadn't done anything interesting lately. I wrote one of the most boring blog entries ever, because I couldn't think of anything you might like to hear about, but I wanted you to know that I am still alive.

I almost wasn't, today.

As I was crossing the road on my bike to get back home,

a car hit me.

I was hit by a car!!! A pickup truck, actually, hauling a trailer. I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw the truck coming closer and closer to me... I remembered to look at the driver's face, in his eyes, as my dad taught me--but he wasn't looking at me! I didn't have time to scream, and he hit my back wheel as he hit his brakes. The bike kind of jumped 2 feet away from the truck and I fell on my right leg. I didn't really understand what had happened to me, even though I heard two pedestrians shouting. After yelling at the driver a little bit, I actually got up and hopped on my bicycle again, ready to bike back home, but the chain had been jolted off of the gears and it wouldn't go. I was forced to walk it to my apartment. The driver of the truck apologized--"I'm really so so sorry, ma'am!"--and a good Samaritan double checked before the truck drove away.

When I got back to my apartment, I still hadn't figured out what had happened. I had to tell Jube that my bike was broken and that I was hit by a car for it to REALLY hit me. I kind of cried a little bit and had time to be glad I'd bought health insurance. I was also glad that my only injury was a little scrape on the ankle and some splinters in my hand.

To feel better, I went to get my hair trimmed at a nearby salon (I had a coupon). I am a little disappointed with the result, since she gave me kind of poofy hair. Jube told me, "I'm sure it will look better when you wash it," which means it's probably pretty bad. But since I had to leave my regular coiffeuse, Belle-maman, I guess I shouldn't have expected anything amazing.

To sum it up:

hit by a car + bad haircut = not an amazing day

But at work we had chocolate ice cream cake, so it wasn't a total bust.


Samantha said...

Wow, that is quite a day! Glad to hear that you're okay.

helene said...

hmmmmm. Gem, maybe I should schedule a trip to belle-maman's home with you and be trained to cut your hair?????????? I am so glad to hear the health insurance is set up ;-)

Brooke said...

I'm very glad to hear you're okay. And I still have your stuff, so I'm glad you're not, like, drastically hurt or anything, because then I'd never be able to get rid of it... ((hugs dear)) (oh, and I finally got my w2 today!)

Lady Iphigenia said...

I always cry in similar situations... I cry easily. But as we say in french "plus de peur que de mal!"