Monday, January 15, 2007

Back In Norfolk

After the first week of classes, I was ready for a vacation--and luckily this weekend was 3-days thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Not only that, the weather has been gorgeous, sunny, 70s... it invited us outside! On Saturday we went to the mall in downtown Norfolk to take advantage of the post Holiday sales. Right next to the mall is a beautiful old house that is being renovated for a museum, the Moses Myer House. Since only about half of the rooms are totally finished, guided tours are free. Jube and I were the only people for our tour, so we got very personal attention to our questions. Here is a picture of the dining room in the Moses Myer House:

Moses Myer Dining Room

All of the furniture in this room is original to the Moses Myer family, so it's pretty old (from the American Federalist Period). I really enjoyed the tour, but it took a lot longer than we had expected. Afterwards we scoured the mall for good deals, and I had a green tea smoothie that was really tasty.

On Sunday, the weather was even nicer than on Saturday. After getting a late start to the day, Jube and I biked to the Virginia Zoo. I bought us a membership since it is only about 15 minutes by bike from our apartment. We really had a great time.


The African section of the Zoo is really well designed, with interesting vistas. For example, from the lion enclosure, you can see giraffes, elephants, and rhinos in the distance. You feel very close to the animals.

I'm glad that we were able to take advantage of such nice January weather, since it looks like it will be much colder this week.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you got back in time for New Years!!! That's so crazy about the pilot... we just got back from London (sniff) and are back to school and work. Glad to hear that everything's going well for you! Oh, and I would love to see some pics from the tri-state wedding!!!

-Catherine ;)

jennie said...

The last time I was in Norfolk, I went to that zoo with my sister. I've totally seen that giraffe before.