Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanksgiving!! Oh wait, that was last Thursday...

Yeah, so I've been bad again. After promising myself I would post while on vacation, I didn't. (I didn't write my paper either, which is part of the reason I haven't posted until now.) What I did do was eat a wonderful Thanksgiving meal made by my parents, Jube, and my brother, and then went shopping the next day. What an American week! When we got back to Norfolk, I stayed up all night writing my paper. I'm really back in the saddle again!

On Monday we watched the finale of the Bachelor. I was annoyed because it was two hours (from 9-11), and seriously, if there's an episode that should last two hours, it's not the last one. That's too long to focus on two women. Not only that, I was under the impression it would only last the normal hour. Around 9:45 Jube told me he wanted some ice cream. Since I am a wonderful, nice wife, I told him he could feel free to get some ice cream at the 7-11 around the corner.

"But then I won't be able to see the end of the Bachelor!" he said.

"What? I thought you hated this show," I said.

"Imagine if I forced you to sit through a really bad movie for like 10 hours. Would you leave 15 minutes before the end?"

I guess he has a point.


jchevais said...

My husband tries to pull that stuff on me too.

Your 7-11 answer was good.

Keep it that way... :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sooooo jealous about the bachelor! You'll have to tell me all about this season. Remember how we had parties? And we sent out e-vites for the season finale? -M

Doc said...

"so where'd she go?"
"I dunno, but ya know, she is a grad student"
"yeah, and a newly wed"
"ahhhhhh! that 'splains all"

Gem said...

I know, I know, I'm a bad blog Mommy. Hopefully I'll be better soon...