Saturday, November 18, 2006

Homecoming '06

I don't post as much as I wish I did. Maybe soon I'll set myself a challenge--a post a day or something like that. But I think I'll wait until after finals...

Anyway, this week here at Old Dominion University is Homecoming! There have been lots of fun activities that I haven't attended because of work, class, and downright laziness (I'm real lazy, y'know?). But yesterday I decided to take part in the festivities. I called Willie and Monique, rounded up Jube, and headed to the official pre-game Tailgate Party beside the Constant Center. They fed us like Americans should be fed.

Homecoming 06 Tailgate!

ODU is wayyy bigger than my undergrad, Wittenberg University, but I got used to most of the differences pretty quickly. Sure, there are lots of buildings on campus, but I only have class in two of them. I can ignore all the others. Yeah, yeah, ODU's International Center is a whole building, with at least 20 employees, and Witt only had one full-timer... And of course the student center here is really big, with its own travel agency, Starbucks, and Quizznos... but really, that's surface stuff. What I can't get used to is the Constant Center. It is really huge. Jube is going to see Godsmack there; I bought tickets to see Agassi play a charity match. And the coolest part is that, as a student, I can get in to see the basketball teams play for free! Here's a picture of half of the basketball court in the Constant Center:

Homecoming 06 Game

The funniest part of going to basketball games here are the ODU Cheerleaders and Dance Team. It wouldn't be funny except that Jube and Monique were disappointed that the cheerleaders didn't dance like in the movies (I guess they're thinking about American Pie, et al.). Luckily for them, towards the end of the game both the dance team and the cheerleading squad swept out onto the court to do their very popular dance to "Ice Cream and Cake," leading the student section in their trademarked gestures.

Homecoming 06 Student Section

Here the students aren't dancing, but rather heckling the opposing team like a student section should.


helene said...

Meda was watching a basketball game on his big screen last night and it was at the Old Dominion stadium!! He was impressed that you are going to the games!!!

Doc said...

Is that YELLOW MUSTARD on that hot dog? Isn't that stuff toxic to Frenchies?
You have to let us know how (if) Jube survives Thanksgiving.

Jube said...

I would certainly have appreciated Dijon mustard, but that sweet glowing yellow paste thing was all they had. It was free though, I can't complain.

Thanksgiving was good and tasty.

(The French do sell yellow paste that is similar to the one you can see on the picture. It is called Savora)

slim said...

That hotdog looks good..It's strange the things I crave when I'm outside of the states.

Doc said...

Jube, if you need real mustard just let me know. I'll be more than happy to send emergency rations. Does it strike you as funny that the most popular yellow mustard is called French's?

Glad you liked Turkey Day.

jube said...

I know. It's pure provocation!

BB said...

Don't forget that there are 2 national mustard companies in our little part of Ohio: Woeber's in Springfield and Rothschild's in Urbana!

Woeber's mustard

Rothchild's mustards

Jube said...

Yeah. Springfield is the Dijon of America.

shakesrear said...

Hey, that's real, American cake on that plate - mmm. I just hate all these fluffy, creamy desserts in France.

And what could be more unappetizing than yellow mustard (or mayonaise) from a toothpaste tube?