Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hm hm...

Due to an inundation of requests (two!), I am going to post some pictures here. Now, you may have noticed that I don't post pictures of myself or other people I know, so these pictures might be a little bit bland. But it's the best I can do without compromising my principles!

Here are the first pics:

While it might not seem to have much to do with the wedding, it does. I took the belle-famille to Washington, DC to visit all of the monuments. We stayed there all day long, and boy oh boy were we ever tired by the end of it! As you can see, it was a beautiful day, although it was also very cold. We enjoyed the beautiful fall foliage.

view from the washington monument

washington by night

We also saw the sculpture garden by the National Archives, where there is a reproduction of a Paris metro stop. Le Parisien had me take a picture of him descending the metro stairs with the Archives behind--a surreal picture for his friends.

paris and the national archives

This next one is a picture of our two wedding cakes as seen from above. One of them is a pretty traditional American cake. It had no icing, just a layer of white chocolate. Inside there was white chocolate mousse. The other cake is the traditional French
piece montee (pretend like you can see the accents there). We got it from the baker at the restaurant where we had our reception, and the choux were very tasty indeed! You can also see my bouquet here. La Parisienne caught it... it makes all of us hope that they will be married soon for an excuse to go to Martinique!

wedding cakes!

These final two pictures are from the reception. The food was amazing! The first one is the main course--Angus beef with juniper berry sauce and a "cheddar brioche bread pudding." Then you can see our trio of desserts.

main course


Behind the desserts are some "Halloween crackers." They were lots of fun to open and everyone wore their paper crowns.

I don't mean to throw myself flowers, but Belle-maman told us it was the classiest wedding she'd ever attended. (It's probably because there were only 20 of us there, meaning we could have really good food. Beau-papa, le Parisien, and the other two older male guests even enjoyed Louis XIII Cognac! The bartender was French and they could order whatever they wanted!)

All in all, a great wedding--if I do say so myself.


samdebretagne said...

Wow, that food looks amazing! I was hoping to see pics of what you two wore, but I completely understand not wanting to put personal photos online. It sounds like everyone had a great time, congratulations again!!

Etienne said...

Louis XIII? Shizz. And the desserts look adorable! Where was this?

Gem said...

The Inn at Poplar Springs, in Casanova, Virginia. Really wonderful food! I recommend it anytime you're in DC (although it's not exactly next door).

Brooke Burch said...

Your wedding is so classier than mine will probably be!

And I forgot to mail your prezzie last week... will try to remember, maybe tomorrow? :P

Doc said...

Scire a big one to you with belle-maman's comment. small and intimate is always beeter than large and brash.
here's to a long and happy marriage!