Saturday, November 11, 2006





Last Friday, I took Jube's family to Washington, DC where I walked all of our legs off. We visited the Mall and all of its monuments as well as three museums. Then we got married on Sunday. It was lots of fun (really, it was!) and on Monday we zipped back to Norfolk so I could go to class. Tuesday and Wednesday I worked, and then I jetted (well, hitched a ride) back to DC to attend a conference. So I'm just writing this really crappy little blog to let everyone know I am totally fine and--now--married. I've received lots of emails from friends I haven't seen for a long time and I haven't been able to answer a single one! Also, since I was in DC at this conference, I haven't been able to talk to any of those who called on the phone! Soon, soon, soon I will write you all emails and call you all. And soon I will write a new, interesting, fun-filled blog.

I promise.


samdebretagne said...

Congratulations!!! Will we ever get to see some photos??

Doc said...

Pictures pictures!
congrats and all that jazz.

Lady Iphigenia said...

FELICITATIONS! Congrats to both of you! May your love grow everyday a little deeper.

Gem said...

Thank you all for your congratulations! I can't believe it's finally done ;)