Thursday, June 01, 2006


I knew that I shouldn't have written that last post! Yesterday, just as I arrived for my first lesson at 11:30am, I noticed the sky darkening. "Hmm, well, we're due for some rain," I thought, "it hasn't even sprinkled yet this month." No big deal, just a spring shower, and I have an umbrella in my purse all the time.

Two hours later, while lingering over my lunch to avoid sprinting to my car with an umbrella that came free with the magazine I bought during my March layover in London, I realized that I had left the skylight open. After our magnificent weekend, I had begun leaving it open to air out the house while we were at work.

Then the rain turned to hail--and on the higher ground, turned to snow! Of course I had chosen to leave my jacket at home, because who needs one when the weather is so wonderful?

When I got home, I checked the floor under the skylight. It was stained with something rust-colored. I apprehensively looked upstairs to our loft, directly under the skylight--and also where we sleep. Jube noticed my hesitant glance. "Our mattress is soaking wet."

We slept on the futon last night.


helene said...

OH NO!! Was your bed full of hail stones too????

Brooke Burch said...

ah, no!hope nothing got ruined!