Monday, June 26, 2006

My Nice Vacation by BB

This is my last day in France and I finally sat down to write an entry. For my vacation this year, I decided to visit Gem and Jube in Nice. I could not have asked for better hosts. For my first trip to Europe, they have spent a lot of time, money, and patience on making me enjoy my visit.

One of the things I noticed was the number of English t-shirts. The best one I saw said "I want your skull". The second best was probably "Guns and drugs will get you 5 years, guaranteed". This t-shirt was worn by a waiter at the cafe where I had my first taste of Desperados, a beer with tequila. I also have plans on making a "BB de Menton" t-shirt (It's funnier if you actually know me and it's even funnier if you've seen the movie Brice de Nice).

I enjoyed going to my first topless beach. Your first time is always special. I think I only made one girl nervous by talking about her within earshot, since she probably understood English.

I had a lot of good food. The mussels I had were great. Un-bearded ones are the best. I even had two at once a few times. My first time with mussels came late in life, but I think I made up for it by eating as many as I could in one night.

Last Saturday, Jube and I went to Thor, a viking bar. After the World Cup game, a band called Karma started playing. They were pretty good. Make sure to check out their Dates page. Despite not being played on the radio a lot, hard rock and metal (read: good music) are well represented in Nice. Half way through playing A.T.W.A., a bunch of guys came in and started grinding on everyone, but mainly with each other. They were pretty obnoxious and were blocking everyone's view. Jube leaned over and said, "They must be from Paris".

Today, Jube and I went to Cannes and hung out on the beach. Later, while at home and talking over a pizza royale from Pizze Leo, we saw Toad the cat, a huge lizard, and a lightning bug. I have not seen any lightning bugs during my time here, so I'll take this a goodbye from the wild life of Nice.

This has been a perfect vacation, I loved seeing France and Italy, and I hope to see Jube and Gem again soon!


Jube said...

Message for BB : I hope you made it safely to Chi-Town.
I bought the air sray thing. It TOTALLY works! I didn't even have to open it. Just got a couple screws out and blew some air around the fan .The comp has been running for 2 hours and it's still cold as ice (well kinda). I can record myself again! Yeahhhh!

I apologize for publishing a private comment on this blog. I don't know BB's e-mail address.

BB said...

Oh yeah, I made it home ok. My flights went fine. Having spent a day in Illinois again, I want to go back to Nice!

Samantha said...

Hey BB, glad you had a good time in France and a safe trip back home - it was fun meeting you!!

Uranus said...

Once again, the world was amazed by the elegance (head butt) of France losing the World Cup.

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And celebrate this new French defeat!