Saturday, September 03, 2005

I'm baaaaaaaack!

That's right. Sherlock Holmes famously said that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, is the truth. The only conclusion I can gather is that Tele2 have actually provided us with internet in less than three weeks! Last time it took three months! I am very happily tapping away, late at night, no worries about time or money forcing me to make mistakes. All the mistakes I make are now all my own.

Nothing much has been happening around here lately, or so it seems, until I look back on it. Jube and I have done quite a bit of sightseeing, including Antibes, Eze, Fillefranche sur Mer, Monaco, Grasse, and (of course) Nice. I bought a gift for my cousin who is getting married in about a week. Jube found out where he will be teaching--a very nice lycee in the center of town. And I have to write a cover letter to the Rectorat to convince them to let me be an assistant again. Here's hoping! Between then and now, Jube and I have to head to the Prefecture where I will wait in line for two hours only to find out that I forgot a bank statement from December, 2004 and will now be banished from France. Well, probably not banished from France, just from the Prefecture for the day. French bureaucracy is a favorite topic of American expats living in the country, which is why I'll try to avoid talking about it. Let's just say that in Montpellier, they managed to make me cry twice, and I had all of the necessary documents with me both times. No tears yet in Nice... we'll see how it goes.


Helene said...

I'm happy to have you back!

dirty dingus said...

Club Internet got me up in a mere 8 days after transferring from Wanapoo