Monday, September 05, 2005

Bits and Pieces

Last weekend, the belle-famille came to visit. Jube and I had been living in our apartment for less than a week, so I was surprised when he told me we would “show them around.” I had no idea about what to show them in Nice, besides the Mediterranean and the Promenade des Anglais. Luckily, Jube had a plan. We visited Old Nice, Villefranche sur Mer, and Eze Village on the Thursday before his family arrived, so we would know where to take them. When they arrived, belle-mère and Jube went out to the supermarket to buy food, although she had already made a tajine au poulet et aux abricots secs (not a traditional French meal, something like couscous with chicken and dried apricots). When they got back to the apartment, I discovered that she had bought a complete meal for me to cook for them. Any ideas of what it was?

Hamburgers, with mushrooms and onions. I have completed the fast food industry’s second step in its domination of the French market: families that previously had no desire to eat hamburgers as a real meal are now craving them for dinner! (Well, at least one family now does.)

I will be posting about our sightseeing trips as soon as I have the pictures for them. Right now I'll just leave you with the thought that I am becoming a '50s housewife (Jube says 1850s, in fact). I do not say this to imply that I am actually doing any housework besides cooking dinner and occasionally washing dishes. I mean that I am utterly, totally, completely dependent on Jube for my spending money. Recently I have made him pay for:

a prescription
postage for a letter to the US
a card for one of my relatives

What's more, he leaves me bus fare when he goes to work. I hope that soon I will have my own job!!


Jube said...

haha, I'm laughing hard as I read Gem's analogy with 50's housewives...I mean,I just got back from work, and you should see the sink right now, lol.It's like... I don't know...a battlefield maybe? Well no, in fact it's messier than that. So, blog readers, don't get fooled by the little image near Gem's profile. She's just a poser!

Soon, the 50's middle class male worker will have his revenge!

Gem said...

Yes, the 50s middle class male worker got his revenge last night by... doing the dishes!