Monday, August 29, 2005

No time for titles!

Here I am, in Nice, in an internet café, so this will be quick. Jube and I have started to settle in to our apartment. We have been swimming nearly every day, after buying some goggles in town. We have been taking care of administrative stuff (we spent all morning at the Prefecture the other day...) and relaxing. It is really feeling like vacation, finally, which is unfortunate since la rentrée is on Friday, when Jube will have to go back to work and I will have to start really worrying about getting my papers in order. I have been taking lots of pictures, and as soon as we have the internet at our house, I will post some of them. I hope that it will be soon!

Jube's family visited this weekend, and we visited some nearby picturesque villages and one big Principality. We took a free tour of the Fragonard factory at Eze, where I got some perfume (a nice gift). We also ate at an Indian restaurant, which made me very happy, since I adore Indian food. Since Nice is a bigger city than Montpellier, there are lots more "ethnic" restaurants here, and I am getting excited to explore them all. Well, we're off to explore a new oriental supermarket to buy lunch for today.


Helene said...

Is Nice beginning to seem nice??

fraise said...

Finally! Another English-speaking blogger in Nice! You're the first I've met in five years!