Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Before I talk about the daytrips around Nice, I wanted to share my apartment with you. This is Gem's personalized tour Just For You. I want to emphasize that we have a normal apartment, nothing very special. Until you realize it's like a Where's Waldo book, but with guitars (Où se trouve la gratte?).

clean wardrobe

First, a picture of the beautiful wardrobe that Jube's family repainted for us. Doesn't it look nice with the Provence-style fabric and vase? What do you think you can find inside this dainty piece of furniture, clothing? Non-perishable food items? (Check out the left side of the picture. Do you see that blurry black shape? It's a "well-hidden" guitar. It might give you a hint as to what's inside.)


That's right. The stereo system, a boxed set of Metallica videos, and (not pictured) Jube's drum machine. Let's move on to our next example...

computer desk

The computer desk! A little bit messy, I admit, but don't you think there are a few more wires than normal? That's because...


Oh look! Something extra Jube added to the laptop to listen to his guitar! The problem is, now you can't hear anything from the computer unless you wear headphones. Next!

right side of sofa

The sofa. You can see, cleverly hidden behind the lamp, the second of Jube's three guitars. But hey, it looks pretty much like a futon. No big deal--right?

left side of sofa

Wrong! There is Jube's recording studio. I wanted to set up the furniture in this room a different way, but Jube didn't like it because he didn't have enough room to play the guitar. So we changed it.

Since meeting Jube, I've learned two languages: French and Guitar. I can now hold my own in English conversations that would have bored me to death four years ago. My new vocabulary includes:

Humbucker (NOT a hamburger joint)
Single coil (NOT a kind of snake)
Effects (in a different way than I previously understood the term)
Amp and Pre-amp (which I, also, thought I understood before)
and other more ambiguous terms (neck, (solid) body*, bends, etc.)

I can also name 10 guitar brands, 5 amp brands, and 20 guitar heroes without much hesitation. I know this because Jube actually tested me the other day.

I am a lucky, lucky girl!

*I have to admit here that I made a mistake in my Guitar vocabulary. I wrote "hard body." Jube wisely informed me of this instead of posting a comment disparaging my skills.


Jube said...

No, no, I won't respond to this attempt to start a war. I won't publish any picture about the 250 pairs of shoes Gem thought would be useful in Nice (including at least 3 pairs of snowboots). I won't take pictures of all the clothes that can be found here and there in the apartment.
I won't lower my soul to such a petty competition.

fraise said...

Well, it did snow here this January... :) not enough to warrant snowboots though, I'm afraid!