Monday, June 20, 2005

A Very Nice Day

Free Concert

I did not die of heat, my feet did not fall off, and we managed to watch nearly all of the free concert on Saturday night. Can't you see the famous French artists in there? The most well-known are Jennifer, Julie Zenati (although I don't know if I spelled it correctly) and Michael Jones. We were a bit farther away than the picture would suggest. Each artist performed 2 or 3 songs, and at the end they came out for a curtain call. By that time the audience had begun to leave, so we sneaked closer for a pic.

I was planning on posting a picture of the pool to prove the irony of my previous post: it's about 8 feet in diameter and the water is kind of sandy... but it ended up being really nice to swim since it was so hot on Sunday! All I wanted to do was float around, but Jube's brother had other ideas. We played a game where you have to pull your opponent's foot out of the water before they pull yours out. Afterwards I fell asleep on the chaise longue, and when I woke up, I was already sweating again. Before you ask (because I know you want to know), yes, I did watch Video Gag. The best gag of the week was an old man who didn't understand how to use the video camera. He kept saying, "I don't see anything! It's not working!" while filming the upper part of his face. His daughter replied, "You're holding it backwards!" and he turned it upside-down.

In other news, we have received the verdict. Jube will be a substitute teacher in Zone de Remplacement Alpes-Maritimes 1, which in addition to Nice, includes some tiny little villages in the Alps. Most of the schools are in or around Nice, though, so we will look for apartments there. This is good news for my father (Grand Prix of Monaco, anyone?), and pretty good news for me too, since there is more chance of finding a job in a bigger city than out in the boonies. We're looking at apartment prices now, and will soon make an expedition out there to view them firsthand.

Today was another scorcher, with a high of 35 (95F!!!). We ventured out to buy a fan at one of the discount stores nearby. I put it together, by which time I really needed the fan to get rid of my sweat. We ate kebabs for lunch today, which was probably a bad idea since it was so hot. Jube managed to finish his and half of mine, too. For the rest of the day we relaxed in the sweltering heat, watching television, reading, and responding to the interminable phone calls from his mother who kept calling to ask "just one more question" about his post in Nice. We went for a walk around 5:00 to take advantage of the overcast sky. (Here in Montpellier it is not humid at all, so it's the sun that creates most of the heat.) All in all, a very nice day!

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