Friday, June 24, 2005

"It tastes like Spain"

Olive Oil

The other day, Jube and I were watching “Capital,” a show about businesses and money. This one was about olive oil, and how olive oil moguls saved money by (gasp!) mixing the nationalities of their oils!! There was an expert olive oil taster who for all the world looked like an expert wine critic. He would pour some oil into a wine glass and begin by describing the color of the oil—“Golden with a hint of green” or whatever. Then he would smell it—“It smells like grass with a hint of basement.” Finally he tasted it and swished it around in his mouth for awhile. “He looks just like a rabbit!” said Jube. Then he spit it back out into the wine glass and delivered his verdict. “This one has, I would say, about 20% of French oil, from Provence or the Rhone Valley. I would say that the other 80% is oil of inferior quality that comes from Spain or Greece.” The announcer turned to the camera and said, “As you can see, one must take care in selecting one’s olive oil. Paying a higher price will give higher quality.” Jube turned to me and said, “Yes, because we all know that Greek oil is the worst ever—except for Spanish oil!”

(By the way, we buy the cheapest olive oil we can find from Netto, a discount supermarket. It comes from Spain.)

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