Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 18 – Your favorite birthday, in great detail

My favorite birthday was last year's, my 30th.  It was really great!  I have never been a big party planner, so maybe that's why my birthdays never were that great.  For this one, I started telling Jube early (from January of 2012) that I wanted something special for my "Big Three-Oh."  (I even mentioned having a big party in some Christmas cards.)  I actually referred to it that way in front of my dad, who mocked me mercilessly.  But I didn't let that discourage me!  I really wanted a big bash, but I also didn't want to do any of the work (wouldn't that defeat the purpose of a party?).  I had the "grandes lignes" ready for Jube: 

1. I made the guest list and gave it to him.
2. I told him I wanted a keg.
3. I told him what restaurant I wanted to go to.
4. I came up with the punny name for the party on my own.

After that, I let him take over.  It was soooo great.  BB flew in from out of town.  My parents drove up from Virginia (they arrived early, as usual!).  Everyone else showed up on time.  Even though the restaurant was kind of annoying (seating us late and serving us late), I had had enough to drink that it didn't bother me at all.  BB and my mom & stepfather spent the night at our place.  The next morning, we had homemade breakfast and mimosas. 

It was absolutely the best birthday celebration I ever had.


BB said...

The party was so much fun!

Gem said...

I am really glad that I have outside confirmation! I was afraid my perspective was biased.