Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Day 12 – What’s in your bag, in great detail

I always carry a bag.  I even did a mini-post about my bag when I lived in Nice!  My latest bag is a big gray one I got from Zara.  I love it.  It fits just about everything I need:

Wallet - money and credit cards, of course!
iPod - with all my books on tape downloaded
Male-to-male connector - to connect my iPod with my car stereo (no Bluetooth for me)
My checkbook - in an awesome paper cover I got from the Sackler Gallery in Washington, DC
Small bag - with my nail file, chapstick, business cards, tampons, and rewetting drops
A spoon - to eat my soupy lunch with!
A pen - to sign those checks
Glasses case - with my sunglasses inside
iPad - I am going to class tonight, so I need my iPad to take notes and pull up my books.  The ipad is actually in a brown-on-brown patterned clutch to protect it from scratches.
Wireless headset - so actually, I do have a Bluetooth wireless headset so I can talk on the phone while I drive.

And that is what is in my bag.

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