Friday, June 01, 2007

Switch on Summer with a Slot Machine

Sometimes I sleep with earplugs in. I started using them to sleep for the first time on the first anniversary of this blog! I'm sure you don't remember it (it was so long ago!), but I was on vacation and liked to sleep past 8am, while the construction workers outside my window not only started working at 8--they left big sheets of metal to cover the holes they left, so even at 2am it would make a horrible noise and wake me up!

I use them now to block out the pesky sounds of Norfolk traffic, partying college students, and this annoying bird that likes to sing at 11pm. Of course we have the window open. After my time spent in France, I don't like air conditioning very much. (Oh yeah, and it's also really expensive and I'm a poor student...) Before Jube arrived, I would turn on the AC for about an hour before I went to bed and woke up sweaty in the morning--but blocking the city noise. This isn't an option for Jube, who likes to have a bit of fresh air and who makes the bedroom a lot hotter at night.

That's why I started using earplugs again. The weird thing is that sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, I no longer have them in my ears. The first time it happened, I assumed they had fallen out--but then I found them on my bedside table. This happens pretty frequently, and I have no memory of waking up and setting them there. I think my subconscious/unconscious mind is more organized than I am in waking life...

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Lady Iphigenia said...

(I changed my blog address)

I sometimes sleep with earplugs too, but that's because I can't fall asleep with any alien noise from the kitchen or the bathroom (i.e. drops on the sink).