Monday, June 11, 2007


I guess one of the previous inhabitants of our apartment was a gun owner, because I just got a little postcard from a gun dealer addressed to him. It basically said,

"Hello fellow gun-nut. I just wanted to tell you that the Democratic primary is coming up for your district. Now, I'm no Democrat, but the winner of the primary will be running unopposed, so this is basically the final election. Luckily for us, primaries in Virginia are open to everybody who wants to vote in them. Johnny Joannou, one of the best defenders of the Second Amendment is running against Henry Light. Joannou is a longtime resident of this district and will make sure you have no problems keeping that gun you bought from us. Henry Light is some newcomer who wants 'common-sense gun laws' in Virginia. So please, go vote this Tuesday for Joannou and then head to the firing range."

Now, I'd been vaguely aware of the upcoming primary, but I hadn't been planning on voting. Now I think I just might go because of this postcard. Anything to break down that pesky Second Amendment, right?



Anonymous said...

Goodness knows we don't want any common sense gun laws in these parts!

- N

Caroline in Rome said...

Ugh. Doesn't it depress you that you walk passed these people in the street every day?

Gem said...

And that's the problem with open primaries, too... although my stepfather's friend told me he always goes to the Republical primaries to vote for the "lesser of the evils." The organizers ask, "Are you a Republican?" He told me replies, "Today I am!"