Friday, May 12, 2006

Work and Leisure

On Tuesday, I was in a great mood. Why? Because my boss and I worked out the last 5 weeks of my schedule! I only have 5 more weeks of working as an ESL teacher! Only 4 after today! Hooray! I will be able to finish some "missions," and some others will be finished by other professors.

I even got up the nerve to ask to get rid of one of my students. He's very, very strange. IF he comes, he invariably arrives 15 minutes late. At least half of the time he doesn't show up at all, with no warning. When I started teaching him, this was actually a plus: I'm paid for the time that the students are late, or the lessons they cancel less than 24 hours in advance (or, in his case, that he didn't bother to cancel at all). There were some other aspects of his behavior that weren't so advantageous, however. He would sit, looking uncomfortable, for the entire hour and a half of our lessons, without taking any notes. Sometimes he would excuse himself and go to the toilet for no reason. Also, we couldn't tell him that I am American. He is violently opposed to American international policy--which isn't really that weird. What is weird is that he is also violently opposed to all Americans. I told him I was Irish and focused on grammar in class. Hopefully I won't have to teach him any more after next week! Hooray!

Tonight we are inviting Jube's young colleagues over for dinner. The last time we ate with them, you may remember that they were surprised that I liked the cheese they served after dinner. Afterwards they quizzed Jube on if I cooked French or American food at home. "Non, mais vraiment, est-ce qu'elle fait des choses bizarres à manger?" (No, really, does she make weird stuff to eat?) Instead of trying to convince them that American food is good by making something "typically American," we decided to make Indian food for them. I'm sure it will impress them, even if Jube is making most of it. We're prepping for the time when I'll be so rich that he can stay at home with the kids, have a part-time job at a guitar store, and make dinner every night.

Now I just need to get through the last 4 weeks at work...


Robyn said...

oh baby! Indian food sounds delicious! Remember why i love it so much? That would be because YOU introduced me to it, and so many other wonderful things! I'm getting all nostalgic now, but thanks for being so lovely Gem!

Gem said...

I remember our nights at the Bombay Grille! I'm happy that I know how to make my own things, too. Although I remember that the first night, you had super-spicy shrimp and that you had to blow your nose throughout dinner!!