Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Today, when I got home for my 4-hour work break, Jube had already arrived. Since he didn't expect me, he looked surprised and happy--and suddenly worried. "Oh no!" he said, "I already started the pasta and I'm sure it's already finished and there's not enough time to put more in for you!"

Not a big problem, eh? He told me about his morning--he had left his keys in the bus and only realized when he boarded the next bus. Luckily he found them again. Then, before he caught the bus back to the apartment, he had some time to waste. He headed to the fnac, where he walked around and looked at all his high-tech dreams. "And I bought you a gift!" he told me. It's a CD that I've wanted for awhile.

"How nice!" I said. "How did you know which one I wanted?" (I didn't think he would have remembered the name of the disc, since it wasn't one of my favorite bands or heavy metal.)

"Well, I couldn't remember. I had to whistle the song to the salesman."

"No, really? And he recognized it?"

"He couldn't remember what it was, although it reminded him of something. And then another customer heard me and told us what it was. And that's how I found it," he said, laughing.

My other surprise came this morning: my Friday student told me she wasn't coming in, and I realized that tomorrow is a day off (Ascension). How lucky I am--my weekend starts tonight at 8 o'clock when my class ends.


Doc said...

I need a day like that!

So glad to see someone happy for a change--maybe it'll be catching...

JennC said...

What did he whistle?

Gem said...

"Serre-moi" by Tryo... the whistly part in the beginning and end.