Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Just a Quickie

Jube and I arrived safely in France after another marathon trip (Erie- Cleveland- Dulles- Paris- Marseille- Nice), although I couldn't hear out of one ear and he had neither slept nor graded papers on the plane. More about our trip later, I've just started a new grueling work schedule (no days off??? Seven hours of work a day???). I simply wanted to share a little story from my day that illustrates my new obsession (even more obsessed, yes) with the English language.

I don't know if the song "Lonely Day" has made it big already in America, but I heard it for the first time tonight as I pulled up to our apartment (find lyrics here). Since I had just finished two hours of explaining comparative and superlative adjectives to M. P
ècheur, I was absolutely horrified to hear a chorus with repeated misuse of the superlative. How am I supposed to do my job when System of a Down won't take their status as role models seriously?

Come on! "The most loneliest day of my life"?? Not even funny!


BB said...

Yes, I was also pissed off about that. My only theory besides lyrical laziness is that Serg or Darren (whoever wrote the words) were trying to sound like a broken-hearted 12 year-old who can't write. But I'm going err on the side of laziness.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but notice you were in Erie as I haphazardly passed by your blog. I am from Erie but live in Columbia, South Carolina now. A Cathedral Prep graduate. I bet it was damn cold in Erie. The random drunk guy photo congratulating the newlyweds looks like it was taken on State Street. But kind of hard to tell. I am trying to remember what could be at East 9th and State Street where you could have a wedding reception. I am drawing a blank. I used to work on 9th Street between French Street and State Street many moons ago. But if you are not from Erie and were just visiting you probably have no idea what I a talking about.

Moi, je suis obsédé avec la langue française, un peu comme vôtre nouvelle obsession avec la langue anglaise, même si je n'ai presque jamais l'occassion de la parler sauf avec mes amis français de temps en temps.

A bientôt, j'espére


Gem said...

The reception was at the Warner Theater. It was really gorgeous!