Saturday, December 31, 2005

Guest Post

This is the legendary BB with a guest entry. A lot of Gem's friends met in Erie, PA for a wedding of a mutual friend. The reception for the wedding starts in about an hour and I'm going to try to hook up with one of the bride's maids. Wish me luck!


Helene said...

I heard that Gem caught the bouquetat the wedding...what can that mean for her future?????

BB said...

It is true! I think Jube was filming the whole thing, so he can't pretend that he never knew.

Anonymous said...

It amuses me that you post about stupid songs (that /is/ annoying) and everyone replies with comments about the bouquet. I want copies of your pictures!

- N

Anonymous said...

Haha. Or possibly I read my windows out of order. Either way. Um. I'm tired!

- N