Friday, August 19, 2005

in weightlessness

les arceaux

After staying for one extra night in Gallargues, we are heading off to Nice tomorrow morning. Today we had a goodbye lunch with Jube's grandparents, and then went to see The War of the Worlds with le Pacha. Afterwards we headed into Montpellier, where I took tons of goodbye photos. We ran into my tutrice from my old job in Lunel--she hasn't heard anything about a new assistant coming this year, and said, "Even if we have a new one, she won't be as good as you!" Isn't that nice?

Anyway, tomorrow we are headed to Nice, Land of No Internet. Hopefully we will get it soon, so I can update this site. Wish me luck!


Helene said...

I hope you learn to love Nice as much as you love Montpellier!

benoit said...

hello gem, I live in Nice, and welcome to a messed-up city, due to the tram publics works !!! Life there can be difficult, but if you know the tricks that will be all right.For example, your boyfriend has to know that the music shops are all in rue lépante or near ;) You can let me an email if you have some questions. Good luck !!!