Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 6: Your day, in great detail

As I do most Tuesdays, I wake up at 6:30.  I immediately get out of bed.  I can't lie there for too long or I don't have any free time.  So I'm up and out of bed by 6:32 at the latest.  On my way to the bathroom, I turn on my Senseo coffeemaker (yes, I may have mentioned this wonder device before!).  It takes about a minute for the water to warm up, so while that's happening I use the toilet, comb my hair, and wash my face.  Back in the kitchen I put my mug in the coffeemaker and brew the coffee.  While it drips out, I get dressed back in my closet (no lights on except for the closet lights).  I almost always pick out my outfit the night before because I like to take my time choosing, and time is at a premium in the mornings.  Once I'm dressed, it's back to the kitchen to put cream in my coffee, and then I get back in bed (still in the dark) and check my e-mail.  I usually get back in bed by 6:45 at the latest, and then at 6:50 I make myself get back up.  Today I'm out of bed by 6:55, a little late.  I wake Jube by telling him the time (il est sept heure moins cinq) and then I am out of bed for good.

Then I drive to work.  It takes about an hour, and I want to get in by 8:00.  I used to dread my commute, but since discovering books on tape (and that I can download them whenever I want), I actually look forward to my drive.  Right now I'm listening to The Hallowed Hunt.  

At work, I open my office and turn on all of my lights.  Mid-February is a relatively busy time for me, so I work hard all day.  But on Tuesdays, I leave at 4:00pm to attend a class - the final 3 credits in my French master's!  (I hope...)  Class starts at 5:00, so I get to listen to more of my book on the way to College Park.

Sometimes class is interesting, sometimes it's boring.  Today it is both - student presentations (mostly boring), class discussion (mostly interesting), and of course the 15-minute break that all French students insist on.  At 7:30 I head home, and I walk in the door before 8:00.

Jube is really great and very supportive, so he makes dinner on Tuesdays.  It isn't done today by the time I get home, but he finishes it while I lie around drinking seltzer water and moaning about my day.  Tonight we eat pork (Belle-mere's recipe), and since there isn't much on TV we watch an episode of the Daily Show on the internet.  Then I read in bed for awhile.  Since I have a week before my next class and I am burnt out on French, I read a trashy novel.  Jube plays the guitar for awhile.  He comes and gets in bed around 10:45, and I get up to brush my teeth.  I go back to bed, and then at 11:00pm I finish this on the iPad and turn out the light.

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