Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 10: What you wore today, in great detail

I love clothes!  I love the way you feel when you're in an outfit you love.  I don't consider myself a very creative person; my outfits are really where I "express myself" the most.  In fact, I remember that before second grade, I wore dresses every day.  My mother made most of them, and I loved that. It wasn't until I got into middle school, though, that I really started caring about clothes in a more specific sense (rather than, "it's a dress/pants/shirt, I guess I'll wear it today").  Throughout middle and high school, I wore primarily clothing I bought at thrift stores.  It definitely let me develop a unique style, although I am not sure it was the most flattering one!  When I moved to France I discovered that the second-hand quirk I preferred didn't work as well as it used to.  (Not coincidentally, I also started my first "real job" and had to look at least a little bit professional!)  Since then, I have become more conservative in my clothing, but (I like to think) still unique.  So what am I wearing today?

I am wearing a black-and-white striped tunic with a visible orange zipper in the back over straight black pants. I have on black socks and orange loafers with tassels.  In my ears are some of my favorite earrings, dangly ones made with coral and onyx.  Worn at my natural waist is a small belt, black with a little bow made of metal. On my right hand is a ring I bought in high school from Global Villages.  Supposedly it is from Nepal, and has two five-pointed stars cut out on each side, with a large glass stone set in the center.  It is a big ring and I wear it on the middle finger of my right hand, my largest finger.

Finally, on my left hand, I am wearing what I consider to be my wedding ring, a silver ring with a star sapphire and small baguette cut diamonds.  The setting is old-fashioned but beautiful.  It was my great-grandmother's, and my mother gave it to me on my sixteenth birthday.  Soon after I got it, one of the prongs broke and the star sapphire fell out.  Luckily I was able to find the stone, but for years I carried around the two pieces and never wore it.  I asked Jube to get it repaired for me when we lived in Nice, and he did.  It came back gorgeous, polished and whole, and now I wear it every day.

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