Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day One: Introduce Yourself

I am going to do this 30 Days of Posts thing.  It is supposed to happen during a month with 30 days, and you do a daily post.  But I'm going to do it as it comes to me, which I think is better.  They are writing prompts, and mostly all about me.  Sorry about that.

I am anonymous on my blog.  I call myself "Gem," which is not really similar to my name, but which is short and easy to remember.  Introductions are always strange.  What do you tell people about yourself?  What does that say about you? 

I guess I will do more of a "blog personality" introduction.  This blog is really focused on my life in France.  Although I haven't lived there since 2006, it is still a very important part of my life.  I am now a French citizen, and it forms a big part of my identity.  I speak French with a southern accent, which helps disguise any grammatical errors I might make. 

I am a professional administrator. I keep my work life very separate from my blog, which is, I think, a huge part of why I haven't posted much since starting my career.  I love my job, but I don't feel like I can talk about it here.  It's in a field that is always changing, allows me to learn new things every day, and it lets me feel like I am doing something helpful for other people.

I love reading science fiction and fantasy, although for a short period between graduate school and now I didn't read much of anything at all.  I am getting back into it now, and it is reminding me how much I love it.  My new job includes with it a two-hour round-trip commute, so I have been listening to a lot of books.  I like watching movies less and less, though.  I used to know about all of the new releases and watch quite a few of them, but I have been to the movie theater only once in the past year.

I talk about Jube a lot on this blog.  Hopefully I don't do it quite so much in real life!  We are both introverts, so we spend most of our free time together.  We even go grocery shopping with each other most of the time!

This was a brief introduction to Gem... I do wonder how much of "me" it captures.

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