Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Condo/Notre Appart

As you may remember, last summer we bought a condo.  We figured that interest rates probably wouldn't drop lower (they haven't dropped by much!) and that home prices would probably go up soon (untrue - but they haven't dropped, so almost as good!).  We decided on a condo because there are only two of us and we don't need too much space.  We also both hate doing yard work, so the condo ended up being an  obvious choice.  Finally, it's located right next to a metro stop.  Although neither of us use the metro to get to work, we both can, and it's great for going into the city for after-work happy hour, etc.

We both really like the location and the layout... but when we visited, we knew we had to do something about the paint.  It looked like this:

Do not adjust your screen - you really do see four colors in that last photo (blue, cream, red, and green).  We repainted nearly all of the walls in the apartment, and although you could say it's less unique, it suits us a bit more.  Here's a photo of the living room:
(Yes, the green was one of the few colors we kept intact.)

Something we didn't have to change much of was the kitchen:
Although when Beau-papa was here this summer, he helped us install a backsplash (well, actually, he pretty much did it on his own).

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N said...

Yeepee! Finally some updates (and a bunch of them, this is great!)!!!

Congratulations for the new home. Must feel fantastic to do repairs/renovations on a place that is yours, uh!?