Sunday, December 05, 2010


On Incubus:

They're a pretty good band. They did this album with a lot of different styles, even some jazzy stuff. But it wasn't actually jazz, so it wasn't like . . . [insert retching sounds here].

On his sartorial choices in the evening:

Why . . . am I not wearing pants?

On Facebook:

Jube: I really should de-friend this guy.

Gem: Why, who is he?

Jube: Oh, my oldest friend.

Gem: What?

Jube: Well, he's really stupid! The only reason we were friends is because we met when we were two, and I couldn't tell how stupid he was.

On Glee:

Jube: [While I am watching Glee, during a musical number]: Is this Glee?

Gem: Uhh, yes. Isn't it kind of obvious?

Jube: No! It's in a school! That's all there is on TV - schools and hospitals. How am I supposed to tell the difference?


Anonymous said...

do they sing and dance with sets and costumes in hospitals in france? (not that there's actually funding for the elaborate sets & costumes in US schools.....) robin

brooke said...

I was amused to hear Lesley complain about Glee's setting in Lima. She said that she worked in a school near Lima and the show was clearly not set there as none of the characters were missing teeth...

Gem said...

Robin - I think that Jube can tell the difference between the hospital shows and the high school shows, but he couldn't identify any of them by name.

Brooke - I am not a huge Glee fan, but once in awhile I'll watch it. When people ask me why I'm not a fan, I say, "Look, I was IN show choir - IN OHIO. I can suspend some disbelief, but not all of it."