Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Sunday was one of the best days I've had in awhile. I put on my new shirt from Zara, a cute skirt, and headed to the market. At first, Jube and I couldn't find a parking space. Finally we parked in front of the Monument aux Morts, around the corner from the harbour. No, it wasn't a legal parking space, but we figured that since there were already about 10 people parked there and that it was a Sunday, we wouldn't get a fine. We were right!

However, parking at the Monument aux Morts meant that it was a "little trot" to the center of town. Since the day was nice and we walked by the sea, it was no problem. On the way, we saw tons of people on the beach sunbathing. I mean, yes, it was a nice day, and definitely sunny, but neither Jube nor I would have wanted to lie on the pebbly beach in a bikini--much less in a thong like Naked Butt Boy. Actually, he wasn't really a boy... he was more like a grandfather. Here are some pics for you--you have to click on them to really see his tanned naked butt.

Naked Butt Boy! Naked Butt Boy Walks!

We also saw some dogs diving in the water after pebbles. They were really cute, but both had amazingly loud barks. We then walked into the center of town, onto the Cours Saleya, where the market was winding down. We bought some cheap strawberries (4 Euros for 2 kilos) and then looked at the rest of the market. The market here is well known for its flowers, and I noticed that the new asparagus was being sold with daffodils:

bouquet of asparagus

We continued walking along the Promenade des Anglais into town, because I wanted to eat at a great Japanese restaurant that has pretty cheap menus at lunchtime. Unfortunately when we arrived, they had changed the cheap lunch menus to read "sauf le dimanche." No luck for us! So we hiked back to the Old Town, passing a chocolaterie on the way, where they were already displaying Easter eggs. Easter eggs aren't the same in France as they are in the US; here, they are pretty big eggs made of chocolate and then filled with little chocolates. You break open the egg and then eat the sweets inside. It can last for a few weeks, if you ration yourself (but most likely only lasts a few days, especially in the Gem/Jube/Belle-Famille tradition). This particular chocolaterie had the most expensive Easter eggs either of us had ever seen. Here's my arty picture of the most expensive:

expensive Easter egg

That's right--220 Euros! As I was taking my photo, a family walked behind us, checking the eggs out. The father exclaimed, "I would buy that egg and have it varnished! Bring it out every year at Easter! Never buy another Easter egg!"

We decided to eat at a restaurant where they served all-you-can-eat mussels and fries (for me) and pizzas (for Jube). We were completely stuffed afterwards, and walked back to the car. As we passed, we saw that Naked Butt Boy hadn't moved; he was still tanning his butt off with his family. We also saw a car commercial being filmed; it was for Mazda, and I took these pictures:

More Car Car Commercial

And then we went home and watched Video Gag before going to sleep early for work the next day.


helene said...

The beaches we visited on the Mediteranean always surprized me by being pebbley and rough--not much fun for building sand castles or playing beach volleyball. Sounds like you had a wonderful, lazy day. Remember us SPRINTING from the Santa Ana like wind on the cote azul with the sand biting our skin??

BB said...

But did you have any Mr. Pibb?

Lazy Sunday rap from SNL

Jube said...

The beaches on the Mediterranean are mostly sandy.

Stacey said...

the beaches in cannes are sandy (and beautiful, might i add!)