Sunday, February 05, 2006

Tout schuss!

Today Jube and I went to Isola 2000 for the day. We skied, we ate tartiflette, and we got back home tired and cold. But it was a fun day.

Sorry that I don't have any anecdotes--oh, well, I kind of have one. Jube has his own (amazing) skis, as pictured above, whereas I have to rent all the equipment. I wear a pretty small size shoe (35/36 in France, 5/6 in the US), but I am a normal sized person. I explained to the staff that I have small feet but fat legs, and they told me "it's supposed to be really tight." They gave me boots in size 36--but they cut off the circulation to my toes! I had to switch them about 15 minutes later.

I improved a bit and Jube was nice and waited for me at the bottom of hard parts to help me up when I fell.

And that was our day of skiing!

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Jay said...

Oh :(
This year i cannot go skiing with my family. Every year since 1999 I go to Switzerland with my parents and other friends and their children. And this year I don't have vacations :'( Just in one week, when they came back.
Hmpf... instead of, I will go to the university.