Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Expedition

I know that everyone's been waiting impatiently to find out where we went on Sunday and now is the moment of discovery. We went to the Sahara!

les dunes

No, actually, le(s) Parisien(s) and I went horseback riding in Camargue. Camargue is the region in France that has its own cowboys, les gardians, and also their own race of horses. Camargue horses are small and white, although they are born brown. They are small because the bulls they have to round up are also small. Unfortunately we didn't get to attend a roundup, but we got to go on a glorified trail ride around "les etangs" (brackish inland water that comes from the sea and the surrounding canals) and even the seashore! The beach we were near was l'Espiguette, which is also home to "naturistes"--nudists! We didn't see any, although for me just going to the regular beach is halfway to l'Espiguette, with all the naked breasts you can see.

Jube didn't come with us, because horseback riding isn't his thing, and also because he had to stay at home to telephone realty agencies in Nice. Which comes to the reason why I'm posting so early: in half an hour, we'll be leaving for Nice, and visiting lots of apartments. So wish us lots of luck in finding the perfect home for the next year!

Also, my friend BB wants me to share the formula for figuring out the temperature according to a cricket's chirps, if you actually want to try it for yourself instead of thinking, like me, "He's chirping fast--indubitable proof that it is too hot!" You count the number of chirps in 15 seconds and then add 39 to get the temperature in Fahrenheit. Apparently it is accurate to within one degree, although neither BB nor I have actually tried it (and if I had tried it, it would have been the refrigerator, so it would have been accurate to within one tenth of a degree, surely).

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