Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Break: The Good, the Bad, and... well you know the rest...!

That is a night shot from our hotel window in Brussels. Lorene and I had a great view!

So. The Good: I visited Brussels, where I was happy to see that my French was still up to snuff. I went to my favorite stores (like Zara, Camaieu, H&M, and Promod) but managed not to spend too much. I made everyone at home happy by sending nice postcards--even to work! Am I too much of a suck-up?

Here you can see a really old passageway connecting two houses in Bruges. I liked it!

The Bad: I got sick and almost "baptized" the Tube while switching trains. I managed to keep control of myself because the only thing I had to puke in was a little ziplock baggie that was already kind of gross (it had peanut-butter leftovers in it). As I was desperately searching for a trash can, I remembered that there aren't any for fear of terrorists putting bombs in them! Not only that, there are no corners in the Tube--everything is... well... tube shaped! I didn't relish crouching in full sight of everyone while retching into my disgusting baggie. I managed to hold it until the hotel...

Plus I didn't get to try mussels in Brussels. Now that is really too bad!

Here is a picture I took of a wall in the cathedral in Bruges. I like how the thanks are in French and Flemish.

The Ugly: I missed Jube's birthday while I was abroad! Of course I called and sent a postcard and bought him lots of beer and chocolate, but it couldn't really make up for my absence. And finally, I have a picture of the Ugly in Brussels:

Yum! Doesn't that make you want some Coke? Well, it's funny anyway!


Helene said...

I am curious about the plaques in the cathedral. Do you know if they were saying thank you for a special event that happened (though they are spread over several years.)? Was there an explanation for you??
Belated happy birthday to Jube!!!!

Jube said...

I am surprised that you have never seen any during your visits to Europe. A lot of churches and cathedrals have them. If you go to Lourdes, you will find more than anywhere else, because so many people go there. Those plaques are donated by believers who want to say thank you for answering their prayers (healing). The plaques are usually directed to the Virgin Mary, or the local saint, for example the Black Virgin in Les Saintes Maries de La Mer.
Thank you plaques can be found elsewhere in the world.

Laura said...

is that the Mannekin Pis on the Coke machine??
Ever since hearing about/seeing it in person I can never pass up the chance to say "Mannekin Pis"!

Gem said...

It is indeed the Mannekin Pis. Our guide told us that every year they fill the fountain with beer (so it makes it more realistic? j/k) and people fill up mugs.