Friday, February 09, 2007

SPCA Sunday

After our trip to the mall on Saturday, we decided to go out again on Sunday, but just down the street this time. We went to Pet Palooza, where we saw lots of dogs and their owners, as well as some interesting animal displays. We saw "the smartest dog in the world," Chalcy, who yawned at her handler when she asked her to jump through a hoop:

Jumping Dog

We saw the Chickenman, a Christian performer who converts using the power of his trained chickens (I am NOT kidding--check out his website at

Chicken Man

We even saw a tortoise collecting money for Reptile Rescue:

Walking Turtle

What we DIDN'T see (and I was glad for it) were dogs to adopt. I think I could have convinced Jube to break our lease and bring home a little puppy--but thankfully I wasn't given the opportunity.

What I wish we hadn't seen:

Remote Control Chicken

The chicken on the left is named Priscilla, and she is alive. The chicken on the right is named Aquilla, and he is dead. But he's still performing his tricks! The Chickenman explained to us that he would soon be in a Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum... and not too soon for me!

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Gigi said...

Oh dear - Chickenman seems decidedly weird...were said chickens successful in converting anybody? How did they do it? Perhaps they sang a few hymns like - oh, er - Onward Chicken Soldiers? Brood of Heaven? Did Aquilla peck up his bed and squawk?

I've seen everything now!