Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Home for the Holidays

Having finished all of my papers and finals by last Thursday, Jube and I caught a ride with Willie and were at my parents' house by 6pm the same day. I know I said I would write more often once I finished all of my schoolwork, but accessing the computer is a little bit more difficult here.

Since Thursday, Jube and I have gone Christmas shopping, made Indian food, and been to the town Christmas party where I stuffed myself on homemade chocolate covered toffee. Nothing much has happened. We bought Christmas cards and mailed them to Jube's family in France. I played with the dogs.

Maybe the reason I don't update much during the holidays (I've checked my past posts as well) is that I don't do very much. Sorry.

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Jube said...

She's lying, we brought the laptop with us, and we have wireless, so she totally has access to the internet.