Friday, September 15, 2006


I've gone out with my friends for the past few weeks. I went to karaoke one night, to an Irish pub the next, and finally to the "graduate hangout" on Tuesday evening. (I think they call it a graduate hangout because it's on campus and right next to campus security . . . since the undergrads stay away anyway, they're being market savvy.) Then I met with a group to talk about a project last night, and I'm going to another friend's house tonight. I told Jube about all of this over the phone, and he said, "You've been pretty social these days!"

Well I guess I have! I've been especially social if you compare it to our normal routine, which consisted of eating dinner with each other and then watching television, with perhaps one weekend a month spent with Other People. Maybe it's being back on a university campus--there are just more people around who all want to go out, so why not band together? Maybe it's because I don't know anyone in Norfolk, so I have to be proactive about meeting people. Or maybe it's because Jube isn't here. Eating dinner and watching TV becomes kind of sad and lonely when you don't have anyone to cuddle with (or shout at to turn down the guitar).

The reason doesn't really matter, but I'm glad I have things to do outside of homework. I think that would have driven me crazy by now!


Jube said...

With all the efforts I make not to play loud, that's all I get?

Gem said...

You're really great about everything. You wouldn't be a real Metal fan if I didn't have to tell you to turn it down sometimes, though!

Jube said...

That's better.

robin said...

i'm very happy that you're getting out and making new friends! you're in a new place and there are lots of interesting people around so go for it. and when jube arrives, you can introduce him around and he'll have built-in community. of course he'll probably have to find his own Metal friends!
alethea's friends are all away at college now and she's just started making new friends at the local community college and she's so happy. it's great to have lots of people around to socialize with. hope jube will join you soon.
you sound great, and that makes me smile:)