Tuesday, August 22, 2006


As I was walking on campus the other day, I walked past the seal of Old Dominion University set into the path. I carefully avoided walking on it, and immediately caught myself remembering Wittenberg. There, you are taught never to step on the seal. That will make you fail your next test. The only time you are supposed to walk on it is on or after graduation day. I stepped on the seal once my freshman year, ironically while cramming for a biology test. I didn't fail, but I didn't do well either (what do you expect when you start studying on your way to class?). After that, I was a good Wittenberger. Jube, on the other hand, gleefully stomped on the seal whenever we walked by. "I'm not really a Wittenberg student," he would tell me, "and I don't believe in all that superstitious crap anyway."

At Wittenberg, we also have the Kissing Bridge near Graduation Hollow. If you kiss there once, that means you're pretty serious. If you kiss twice, you're going to get married. During nighttime walks you could see lots of couples kissing on the bridge, and at times you had to practically wait in line if you wanted to have a chance. Jube didn't believe in that, either, but look where we are now...

I don't know what traditions Old Dominion has, especially since it's a pretty young university. I did hear some students last night at midnight laughing and talking in a foreign language in the parking lot near my house. Most of the tenants here at my apartment complex are international students, which suits me well. Of the international students, I would say over half of them are Indian, and that's who I saw last night when I looked out of my window. A group of about 15 students, including two girls in saris, circled around one of their friends--the one without any luck, I guess. They threw two dozen eggs at him, and he sat like a pro and took every single one of them, even inviting head shots. When he was finished, he wiped off the goo from his head and smiled for the camcorder that one of the girls had used to film the entire fracas. I had to laugh--I'm back at school again.


Anonymous said...

I was at Witt last weekend, and it's really kinda creepy now. They tore down South and Hanley, and Woodlawn looks so lonely all by itself. The Commons, though-- /that's/ really scary. I hadn't see it since they redid the inside and it's like... I cannot even describe it. I will see if I can find a picture!

Here: http://www4.wittenberg.edu/tour/05pics/post953.jpg

THAT IS THE COMMONS. DO YOU SEE WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO IT? I am all for revamping, but it looks rather like an airport lobby from the Jetsons or something. Not v. comfortable.

Also, it amused me that they have renamed the bricked-up part of Woodlawn 'Alumni Way'. Look! We have a path named after us! Maybe we'll give them money now!

Ah, man.

- N

Helene said...

So DID you and Jube kiss on the Kissing Bridge???

Gem said...

I'll let Jube answer that ;)

Jube said...

Yes, Gem took me about ten times there, just in case.
Maybe I should start being superstitious...

N, the commons look pretty cool to me!

Anonymous said...

Jube, I doubt your taste. It is /creepy/ in there.

- N