Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cagnes Stairway

I haven't posted yet this week because I have been busy working! I finish after 7:00pm on Monday and Tuesday. When I arrived home at 2:00pm today and entered the apartment, I was surprised to find it so bright. At that moment I realized that I hadn't been at home in the afternoon for the week. I've been going to bed early to have enough energy for the next day, since even when we start later (around 11:00am), our next door neighbor yells at her children at 8:30am. She manages to scream loudly enough to wake up both Jube and me, and we can make out whole sentences, as well. She usually uses the following phrases, in random order: "J'en ai marre! J'en ai ras le bol! Je n'en peux plus! Mais dépechez-vous! C'est pas possible, ça! Non, mais! Allez, allez, on se dépeche, là!" This is something like, "I'm fed up with you! I can't take any more! You're impossible! Let's go! Hurry up! Come on!" Well, honestly, nous aussi nous en avons ras le bol! When we see her walking in the parking lot or pass her on the stairs leading to our door, she always seems very demure and "French," with only a discreet bonjour. If she only knew that we knew!

I've also been busy mentally preparing for Thanksgiving. I haven't actually started cooking anything yet, since we won't pick up the turkey until tomorrow, but we went shopping today to pick up fresh vegetables and spices. We went to Leader Price, so it's not the classiest, but is by far the cheapest--all of the side dishes together cost less than the turkey! I don't think that cooking everything will be the hardest part. The most difficult will be cleaning our apartment. It's not the cleanest it's ever been, and Belle-maman is a pretty tough critic. Ever the procrastinators, Jube and I have been talking about cleaning for about a week, but haven't started yet. Please, don't judge us--we've been working hard! In fact, the simple act of posting right now is just another example of my procrastination. So I'm going to sign off and get to work cooking dinner. Maybe I will actually start cleaning tonight. Maybe we'll finish it 15 minutes before la belle-famille arrives. I'll let you be the judge.


Robyn said...

good luck with your dinner Gem :) My friend has fallen in love with your blog!

Samantha said...

I'll wish you good luck too...I've been busting my ass all day trying to get ready, and still have a ton of cooking and cleaning to get done by tomorrow night!! Yikes!

And maybe you should pound on the walls, just once, so she'll get the hint and lay off those poor kids. Those French mamans can be kinda harsh sometimes!

Gem said...

I get the feeling they ignore her--otherwise it wouldn't be every single day at the same time. Seriously, it's bizarre! If my mom yelled at me like that, I would obey immediately, but I guess these kids just act like slugs all the time. The worst part is that the Maternelle is right next door--they only have to walk like 100 feet to get to school, and they're still late every day. We tried banging on the wall once, but we didn't pound hard enough (or she pretended she didn't hear us).